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  As a guy on the sidelines of the WINE and TWIN (Willows) projects, with
  at some least curiosity as to their outcome, I can say this:  The UNIX
  community has only ONE reason to clone the Windows API:  There is a
  Windows monopoly, and if we can't run Windows software, the majority of
  software vendors will never write software that runs on our operating
  system.  As technology, Windows would appear to be inferior to what we
  own ourselves.
  As to "rip off artists" like IBM?  Look to history, and see who ripped
  off who(m).
  Matt Benjamin
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  > Microsoft never put Windows into the public domain. It costs a hundred
  > times more to create something than to clone it, so clone-makers
  > trying
  > to imitate Windows should not cry if the specs for what they are
  > trying
  > to rip off are changed on them. To say that purpose of the advances in
  > the Window API was too make life difficult for the rip-off artists
  > rather than to improve windows is laughably ignorant, but even if it
  > were true, it is not reprehensible.