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Re: Why Bill Gates [may not] win

  cmueller@metrolink.net wrote:
         There's one wild card in the deck--Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).  He
  >has a constitutent (Caldera, of Salt Lake City) that has filed a formal
  >complaint against Microsoft in federal court.  As chairman of the Senate
  >Judiciary Committee, Hatch is currently the master of U.S. antitrust.  In
  >the past, he's never met a monopoly he didn't like.  Bill Gates is his kind
  >of guy.  But then there's this problem of his constituent, Caldera.  Which
  >way to go?  To be or not to be..... My bet is that Hatch will vote with the
  >monopolist, Bill Gates.  Who else has managed to steal $40 billion and get
  >away with it--and has so much to ultimately lavish on his favorite senators?
  Ah - but you forget..Bill Gates is not a member of the Church of Jesus
  Christ of Latter Day Saints, nor is he ever likely to be. His wife is a
  Catholic, and he promised her that if he ever "got religion" he would join
  the Catholic church.
  If Gates were a Mormon, he would be obligated to give at least 10% of his
  money to the Church..but he isn't.......
  And if you don't think things like that are important in Utah...think again.