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[FWD]Created Wealth [from Tod Landis]

  >Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 16:48:11 -0800
  >From: Tod Landis <landis@cruzio.com>
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  >To: Beech Family <tobeth@lava.net>
  >Subject: Created Wealth
  >Subject:  Created Wealth
  >In several recent postings there have been comments
  >about the wealth that Microsoft  created in various
  >software markets.
  >In earlier postings by me and by Luc-Etienne Brachotte
  >you read about a book called Microsoft Secrets which
  >describes how the Microsoft business strategy works.
  >One way or another, Microsoft dominates markets and
  >harvests them.
  >In the case of the word processor market, Microsoft was
  >a late comer.  It built a cool product, Word, but that wouldn't
  >have been enough, under normal conditions for MS to
  >displace the first plausible solutions.  So it dumped 450,000
  >free copies and captured the market.  That worked.  Pretty smart.
  >Word isn't free anymore, though, and the real innovators are
  >nearly out of business.
  >It may be hard to be sure that Microsoft did not create wealth
  >in that market.  Don't be confused by the growth in the word
  >processor market that followed though.  As MS knows, that was
  >a market that was poised for fantastic growth because of the
  >impact of bitmap fonts, graphics, and WYSIWYG editing.
  >In the case of the Internet market, which is actually many
  >markets, we can all see that we have something that is poised
  >to grow explosively...and will grow explosively whether
  >Microsoft ceases to exist tomorrow or not.  So, in five
  >years will we be talking about the wealth that Microsoft
  >created in the Internet market?  Not if we have sense.
  >The Internet we have today is the
  >result of a huge public investment and contributions made
  >by really great engineers like Tim Berners-Lee and Mark
  >Andreesen.  Neither of whom work for MS.  More at
  >(Didn't say Hitler even once.  Oops.  Rats)
  >Tod Landis