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Re: interface based monopolies

  On Thu, 6 Nov 1997 11:27:37 -0500 (EST), John Robert BEHRMAN wrote:
  >Now, here is a curiosity: Great Britain, while an absolute monarchy and a unitary
  >state, competes in soccer as England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland seperately.
  To suggest that The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland [sic], is
  an "absolute monarchy" is specious.  The queen may indeed have the power to 
  dissolve Parliament, and if that were to happen, presently, there would be grave
  trouble from the citizenry as well from the Law Lords.  And a "unitary state"?
  Piffle!  The UK is one part of a commonwealth of nations.
  I guess I don't see a point here; soccer (football) is played all over the world.
  Are we talking sovereignty, monopoly, or football?
  It appears to me that the core laws and regulations exist for taming monopolies
  like Microsoft, but that the practical and real problem is that of implementation.
  Erick Andrews