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Re: Comment

  I was only trying to be a bit self-deprecating. 
  Maybe totally committed to the Mac would have been a better choice of
  words... (I still have a PowerMac and a PowerBook, if that helps to
  mitigate the damage in your eyes <G>)
  Anyway I was only referring to myself. Now if I had referred to someone
  else as a bigot I could certainly understand how that would offend
  At 03:07 PM 11/5/97 -0500, Valeri, Marissa wrote:
  >>I'm also on the program committee for Interex's HP World 98 Conference and
  >>did a lot of work with the programs for the last-ever UniForum show last
  >>year. And I'm a former Mac bigot... 
  >I had respect for your own views and feelings, Mr. Kelly, up until the "Mac
  >bigot" comment. The word bigot is not only inflammatory, but completely
  >inaccurate when speaking in terms of operating systems. 
  >Now if you had said Mac addict.. that I could respect.
  >Marissa Valeri
  >Don't Be Soft on Micro$oft!