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Re: Hey Everyone: Here's how Gates REALLY beat Lotus

  "Charles Kelly, NT*Pro" <ckelly@cpcug.org> wrote:
  > You are certainly entitled to your viewpoint. I would not presuppose any
  > differently. However, I am glad that you are in the biz and not a historian. 
  > I'd be interested if indeed any one can factually confirm your account. Not
  > with an unsupported anecdote, as you did, but with hard facts. 
  1. What exactly is an NT*Pro?
  2. Refering to the 2nd of Mr Kelly's sentances, he seems to be admitting
     that he doesn't know the history of this. Since he does not know the
     history himself he cannot know whether or not Jeffrey's history is
     correct. Since he is glad that J is not a historian and he doesn't
     know the truth I can only assume that he simply doesn't like J's
     history regardless of it's varacity.
  3. J's history is essentially the one I've heard before and have understood
     to be true. But, then I'm no historian, and by-golly I don't happen to
     have my hard facts handy. No doubt this also makes Mr Kelly Glad.
  So why is it so tough for people to believe that Billy G is really nothing
  more than a modern day Robber-Baron?
  "Mark Hinds, Linux*Shmo"