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A little levity on IE4

  >---------- Forwarded message ----------
  >SUBJ:   Virus Alert
  >Dear Internet user,
  >It seems that the destructive minds who like to invent computer viruses 
  >have struck again. A new virus, popularly known as INTERNET EXPLORER 4.0, 
  >has been propagating the Net for several weeks now.  MILLIONS of computers 
  >have been infected by this insidious virus (mostly PCs, and a few 
  >Macintoshes as well.)  This virus is one of the MOST DANGEROUS yet 
  >unleashed on the computing public!
  >INTERNET EXPLORER 4.0 is known to have the following horrible effects on 
  >infected computers:
  >* It WASTES an incredible amount of HARD DISK SPACE, space which could 
  >otherwise be used for productive applications
  >* It causes the infected computer's performance to be DRASTICALLY 
  >REDUCED-Pentium machines which are stricken are known to slow down to the 
  >speed of a 486
  >* It surreptitiously MODIFIES the underlying operating system, causing the 
  >CORE FUNCTIONALITY of the instrument to change RADICALLY
  >* It, through the use of Trojan-like ALTERATIONS to the core Java APIs, may 
  >cause Java applets to MALFUNCTION.
  >These effects are so SEVERE that the designers of Java, Sun
  >Microsystems, are taking LEGAL ACTION against the inventors
  >of this terrible virus
  >* It, once installed, is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the average user to 
  >remove from the system
  >* It is known to create SECURITY HOLES, which can allow unknown users to 
  >DELETE or DESTROY files on your hard drive
  >* It is known to cause many popular and reliable Internet browsers, such as 
  >COMMUNICATOR, to not function correctly
  >* It is even known to infect NEWLY PURCHASED computers coming from 
  >reputable manufacturers like COMPAQ and DELL.  These companies have so far 
  >been POWERLESS to prevent this virus from being installed on the computers 
  >they sell.
  >* It is known to be UNDETECTABLE by most virus-checking software packages
  >The good news is that the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is currently investigating the 
  >rogue hackers who CONCOCTED this destructive virus. They have been traced 
  >to a Seattle suburb, and may face fines of ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY for 
  >the pernicious manner in which this virus is being distributed. The bad 
  >news is that millions of computers have ALREADY BEEN INFECTED. The 
  >inventors of this virus even have the gall to gleefully BOAST about this 
  >terrible fact on their web site!
  >Here's what YOU can do:
  >1)      If you see a website with the "Internet Explorer" logo, do **NOT**
  >on the logo. This can cause this virus to be DOWNLOADED and INSTALLED on 
  >your system!
  >2)      If your computer is ALREADY INFECTED, and it's a Windows-based PC,
  >the technical support hotline at Microsoft (the company which wrote 
  >Windows), and ask them for instructions on how to DISABLE and REMOVE this 
  >virus. They should have instructions to do so.
  >I apologize for the URGENT TONE of this message, but only if we WORK 
  >TOGETHER can the spread of the dreaded INTERNET EXPLORER 4.0 virus be 
  >slowed or stopped.
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