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Re: Return Economics html trivial debate

  On Fri, 31 Oct 1997 03:20:41 -0500 (EST), Hans Reiser wrote:
  >All you folks who hate HTML email need to get used to the notion that technology has moved on.  Sorry.  I miss reading
  >my mail in emacs too.
  >That said, I think the polite thing is to set your browser to send in both HTML and plain text (bytes are cheap, even
  >on a modem, when images are not present).
  >I should also note that for some peculiar reason my Communicator 4.03 failed to handle the HTML from Behrman, and I had
  >to read past the markup.
  Just a point of order here...
  E-mail is based on reading e-mail and it has been, and will continue 
  to be, ASCII text-based for some time to come.  It has less overhead
  and words will retain their meaning.
  I use PMMail for OS/2 which I consider more "technologically advanced"
  that the mail readers with most HTML-based browsers.
  However, it would be more proper, to me at least, to include HTML 
  formatted  messages as an attachment to e-mail.  With such an attached 
  document with an *.htm or *.html extension, would allow me to click on 
  it and launch the browser of my choice.  If your source is HTML,
  strip it or attach it if you must.
  Is there something wrong with plain old ASCII?  I can read it and so can
  everyone else.
  Erick Andrews