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  So far,
  MOWBRAY has pointed us all to a treasure trove of what passes for
  intellectual, political and professional foundation for the matters at
  hand on the East Coast.
  RIESER has touched upon the pivotal issue: "an open development
  And, BEHRMAN has tried to suggest a historica/institutional approach to
  the intellectual, political and professional battle which looms before
  Aside from that, the usual Net Nazis have remained transfixed by their
  own obsession with typographical aesthetics in deference to which the
  main transgressor, myself, has stipulated to the Sunni insistence on
  plaintext. Enough already on that.
  I agree, further, not to make gratuitous, mocking, parochial,
  intrapartisan, and archaic-style personal-sounding but essentially
  political attacks on the Attorney General of Texas if we can also just
  leave this html business, trivial or not, behind.
  Please and THANK YOU JRBehrman sends.....
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