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Re: Return Economics

  On Thu, 30 Oct 1997 17:39:45 -0500 (EST), John Robert BEHRMAN wrote:
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  >Thnx fr ths post. Will revrt if I can trace wsj refs. Pls post whatever
  >you find.
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  >fn:             John Robert BEHRMAN
  >n:              BEHRMAN;John Robert
  >org:            TETRA ENGINEERING, Inc.
  >adr:            1436 West Gray, Nbr 298;;;HOUSTON;Texas;77019;USA
  >email;internet: jbehrman@netropolis.net
  >title:          Chief Analyst
  >tel;work:       713 610 1162
  >tel;fax:        713 610 1161
  >tel;home:       713 524 4154
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  <big snip>
  Could you please post in plain text, less the <HTML>.
  I don't have the time to edit your e-mail, instead, I just
  vote with my delete key.
  Thank you for your future consideration.
  Erick Andrews